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Parties and Shotgun wounds

Well, things are beginning to stabilise for me. Creds are coming in steadily, and my deck is slowly going back to its old self. Thanks to Jurgen of course, for being so kind to help me in my deck upgrades. The NW pigs are rather quiet lately. So's Hel, the AI. I don't know whether to be happy or nervous. Its a welcome break from them for sure, but one will always wonder if those pigs are watching us...planning. Whatever it is, I'll be ready.

Dragged myself to Blake's party the night before. 'Dragged' because I'm not one for parties. But I atttended it anyways, as I don't want to be classified as unsociable. Needless to say it was very uncomfortable standing there, not knowing what to do while the others are slinging booze and chatting away. Lucky for me, Cordelia showed up. Just her being there eases the tension I felt from having my comfort zone invaded too much. Don't know why, but she's like this big sister kinda thing. Feels like she's the kind that will kick that big bully's ass for stealing my lunch creds. This is good and bad. Good that I feel safe meatside. Bad that its such an embarrasement having a lady protectin' ya. I think I might need to get myself some weights and beef myself up.

Talking about safety when I'm on the streets...I was shot in the chest and dragged halfway around the city tonight. All for doing an electrical job for somebody they don't like. The shotgun wound was fuckin' bad, woulda killed me in one go if not for my armor. Nevertheless, I was barely conscious and bloody all over while this huge ganger dragged me to a secluded ally. Lucky for me, he only wanted my creds as 'punishment'. Thank god. I was thinking I would wake up in a vat. I'll need to do more background checks on my customers next time.
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