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The Sweet Smell of Burnt DNI there I was exploring around the matrix like any other day and night. Out of nowhere, the ever annoying NetWatch agent Erinyes rezzes in front of me. What did I do? I ran like 'ell. Ain't gonna compete against 100 over cpus with my lil' ol deck. Unfortunately, he did manage to throw a whole lot of shit on me, and I ended up jacking out with my DNI fried. Hey, at least its not my brain that's fried.

Let me see, this is the third time I've bumped into Erinyes. And its the third time I manage to jack out in time before any major damage was done. Hope my luck will continue to ride with me. The recent heighten security by NetWatch has been a major pain in the ass for many. I'll just have to find a quieter way to ride the lines until I find myself a better deck. Well, off I go to get another DNI implant from the friendly neigborhood doc.
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