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Faded Hopes...

Things look like its gonna go downhill from here. The first thing in the morning, I was greeted by Heladikos, our resident AI. Our friendly banter slowly turned to news that I would rather not hear. It seems that a few of the local deckers, including me, has been put onto the termination list by NetWatch. Now, even Hel will have to kill us on sight. Dammit, this might not bother Massa, but I'm not up to his level yet in gear and in skill.

To make the day worse, I had my deck fried. Lost over 50 CPUs, and a number of storages and RAMs. Over 3 weeks of hard earned creds down the drain. If it was lost by dueling with a NetWatch agent, I wouldn't make a fuss over it. But this was due to my laziness in not running an IceScan on a door. I was overly confident in my skills and BAM, it backfired. All for a 200c delivery, just not worth it.

Well, I've always liked challenges, so...back to square one.

EDIT: To all you NetWatch pigs who might be reading this...laugh all you want, for now. I'll be back, better than before, just you wait.
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